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Print Your Coupons
The end of the month is just two days away. Print your coupons before they're gone. New coupons will be listed on November 1, 2010. I've printed some favorites and will hold them in hopes of a sale. Print this one out for some cheap sugar: Smartsource: Dixie Crystals Sugar $0.75/1 This will double to $1.50 at both Lowes Foods and Harris Teeter. The last time I had this coupon, ...
Kraft Shredded Cheese for $0.88 a Bag
I've told you before and I'll tell you again- I LOVE cheese! I don't think I go a day without eating some type of cheese. And usually I have 6-8 different types in my fridge at a time. Cheese is pretty pricey so anytime I can get a good deal on it, I stock up. This week there's a great deal going on at Lowe's Food stores. So here's the steal: All bags of shredded Kraft Cheese are on sal...
Harris Teeter Super Doubles!!
It's happening again! Harris Teeter is doing “Super Doubles” from November 3-9. With plenty of advanced notice, now's the time to gather all your high value coupons so that you are prepared next Wednesday. For those of you that are new to couponing, “Super Doubles” means that they will double any coupon up to $1.98. However, the upc barcode on the coupon must begin with a number ...
LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle
So my little "Harriet Potter" has been having a BLAST with the PS3 Lego Harry Potter game and as if that wasn't enough, my In-Laws got her the coolest Lego set around. It's the Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle! This isn't the ordinary "Lego" set that I grew up with. This Lego set has hinges and doors, flames on torches, stairs that swivel, and much, much more. It's AMAZING! My In-Laws had as...
Happy 5th Birthday, Emma!!!
My baby is turning 5 today. She is SOOO excited about this age, and the fact that the dentist told her 2 days ago that her two bottom teeth were loose. I keep telling her she's going to look like a jack-o-lantern but she doesn't seem to mind:) I received the Picaboo book in the mail yesterday and it's all wrapped up and ready for Emma to open up. It came out REALLY nice. Can't believe I...
Free Picaboo Photobook!
I just found out from My Baton Rouge Mommy that Picaboo is offering new customers a FREE large Classic book from October 15 to 25th by using code FALLBK. I'm a little behind on my photobooks these days, so I spent the day today working on Emma's birthday party from last year. I've always loved scrapbooking but can't seem to find the time lately. Making a photobook is similar to scrapbook...
How to Get 5 Packages of Cheese for $3.38
I LOVE cheese! I should have probably been born a mouse:) It's one of those foods that I can eat every single day and I never get tired of it. I was thrilled to get 5 packages of it at Harris Teeter for only $3.38 today. I picked up 4 bags of shredded cheese and 1 package of Cracker Barrel Cheddar slices. All of them were on sale. The shredded cheeses were on sale 2 for $4 and the...
Groupon: Top Deals for September 3
I LOVE Groupon! I purchased 3 different ones this year.  The first was for a 90-minute massage from Massage Envy for only $49 (Retails for $114).  The second one was for a Gap store certificate for $25 (Retails for $50) and the most recent one was for Papa Murphy's Pizza.  This one was only $8 and it retails for $20.  Someone's having pizza in the next couple days! Here's the list of th...
Vita Mix Blender – The Kitchen Appliance No Home Should Be Without
I've got to be honest with you. I hate infomercials. I also don't care much for sales Kiosks where fast-talking snake oil salesmen wearing headset microphones attempt to mesmerize you with their clever words and trivial knowledge. In fact, the Vita Mix blender Kiosk at our local Costco had been up and running for several months before we finally approached it during one of our latest visits. Prior...
Today Only: Get $50 Worth of Gap Apparel for ONLY $25
Groupon is having a wonderful deal today. You can get $50 worth of Gap Apparel (including sale items) for ONLY $25. This deal is valid at all the Gap Stores. Don't miss out- you can use this for back-to-school shopping or even for holiday gifts. The certificate is valid for use through November 19, 2010.

Eating Organic Foods

Posted By: Elena on January 31, 2010 in Organic - Comments: 1 Comment »

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has put together a wonderful guide to help consumers make informed choices to lower their dietary pesticide load.

“EWG research has found that people who eat the 12 most contaminated fruits and vegetables consume an average of 10 pesticides a day. Those who eat the 15 least contaminated conventionally-grown fruits and vegetables ingest fewer than 2 pesticides daily.”

I know that buying organic foods is expensive, but we also need to think about our health and that of our family. Try starting with the “Dirty Dozen” list from above, this way you decrease your exposure to pesticides.

For more information, visit

Walgreens Deals for the Week of January 31

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This week’s Walgreens deals are brought to you by Kristin of Couponing to Disney target=”_blank” rel=”external nofollow” and Robin of The Bargain Mavin.  Their list of coupon matchups for Walgreens is really thorough and imo, one of the best ones out there.

Contour or Breeze monitor — $14.99

RR: $10 wyb 1

Coupon: $30 off coupons from 10/25 RP

Total: $10 money maker!

Blink Tears — $7.99

RR: $7.99 wyb 1

Coupon: $1.50 printable (must register first). or $2 in the 1/31 RP

Deal: Buy 2 and use $2 coupon. Pay $5.99 and get $7.99 RR

Total: $2 money maker!

Scalpicin — $5.99

RR: $5.99 wyb 1

Coupon: $1 printable (ff link)

Our First Snow of the Year

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It finally snowed, and my daughter couldn’t be happier!

Last night she woke up at midnight, pulled back her curtains, opened her blinds and stared at the snow that was accumulating on the ground. She asked me to take her outside to play and I told her we would go out in the morning. She then began to cry. I threatened her convinced her to go back to bed:)

This morning after breakfast we went outside to play in the snow and had a wonderful time. Here are some pictures.

Sunday Coupon Preview: January 31

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Wondering what coupons are in Sunday’s newspaper?

SmartSource (SS 1/31/10)

  • $5/1 Accu-Chek Aviva System, exp. 4-30-10
  • $0.50/1 Arm & Hammer 2-in-1 Moist Dryer Cloths, exp. 3-31-10
  • $3 off Bayer Aspirin Heart Health Advantage AND Bayer Aspirin Product, exp. 3-31-10
  • $1/1 Bayer Aspirin Product, exp. 3-31-10
  • $1/1 Boost Nutritional Drink, exp. 3-28-10
  • $3/1 Carvel Celebration Ice Cream Cake, exp. 3-30-10
  • $2/1 Carvel Game Ball Ice Cream Cake, exp. 3-30-10
  • $0.75/1 Chinet Comfort Cup, exp. 3-31-10
  • $0.75/1 Chock Full o’Nuts Product, exp. 3-31-10
  • $1/1 Clorox 2 Stain Fighter & Color Booster Product, exp. 3-15-10
  • $0.50/2 Clorox Regular Bleach, exp. 3-15-10
  • $0.40/1 Colgate 360 Adult Manual Toothbrush, exp. 2-20-10
  • $1/1 Colgate 360 Sonic Power Toothbrush, exp. 2-20-10
  • $0.50/1 Select Colgate Toothpastes, exp. 2-20-10
  • $0.50/1 Daisy Brand Sour Cream, exp. 2-28-10
  • $1/2 Dannon All Natural Yogurt or Activia, exp. 2-28-10
  • $0.60 off Dannon Single Serve Cups or Light & Fit Multipack, exp. 3-28-10
  • $1.50/1 Delsym Product, exp. 4-25-10
  • $0.55/1 Eckrich Smoked Sausage Product, exp. 2-28-10
  • $1/1 Edy’s Product, exp. 3-15-10
  • $0.55/1 Efferdent or Effergrip Product, exp. 3-31-10
  • $0.50/1 Egg-land’s Best Cage Free or Organic Dozen Eggs, exp. 6-30-10
  • $0.35/1 Egg-land’s Best Eggs, exp. 6-30-10
  • $0.35/1 Egg-land’s Best Hard-Cooked & Peeled Eggs, exp. 6-30-10
  • $1.50/2 Emerald Nuts Products, exp. 3-14-10
  • $1/1 Farmland Cubed, Diced or Julienne Ham or Turkey, exp. 4-30-10
  • $1/1 Farmland Special Select Ham or Turkey or Ham Steaks, exp. 4-30-10
  • $0.50/1 Fiber One 90 Calorie Chewy Bars, exp. 3-27-10
  • $1/2 Fiber One Cereal, exp. 3-13-10
  • $0.50/2 Fiber One Chewy Bars, exp. 3-27-10
  • $1/2 Select General Mills Cereals, exp. 3-13-10
  • $2/2 Hershey’s Kisses, Miniatures, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Miniatures or York Peppermint Patties Big Bags, exp. 3-14-10
  • $1/1 Hershey’s Pieces, Reese’s, Almond Joy, Hershey’s or York, exp. 4-17-10
  • $0.25/1 House Foods Tofu or Organic Tofu, exp. 4-30-10
  • $0.25/1 House Foods Tofu Shirataki, exp. 4-30-10
  • $0.35/1 House Foods Tofu Steak, exp. 4-30-10
  • $0.50/1 Irish Spring Body Wash or Multi-Bar Soap Pack, exp. 2-20-10
  • B3G1 John Morrell Off the Bone Homestyle Carved Tub Lunchmeat, exp. 3-31-10
  • $0.75/1 Kim & Scott’s Gourmet Pretzels, exp. 4-30-10
  • $2/1 KY Brand Product, exp. 4-30-10
  • $5/1 KY Brand Yours + Mine, Intense or Intrigue Product, exp. 4-30-10
  • $0.75/2 Luden’s Bag, exp. 3-31-10
  • FREE Marcal Small Steps, exp. 3-7-10
  • $2/1 Marcal Small Steps Bath Tissue, exp. 3-7-10
  • $0.60/1 Marzetti Veggie Dip, exp. 4-30-10
  • $0.75/1 Mean Green Product, exp. 3-31-10
  • $0.40/1 Palmolive Liquid Dish Soap, exp. 2-20-10
  • $0.40/2 Pillsbury Crescent Rolls, exp. 4-24-10
  • $0.40/2 PIllsbury Italian Meal Breads, exp. 4-24-10
  • $0.35/1 Pillsbury Refrigerated Pizza Crust, exp. 4-24-10
  • $1/2 Pillsbury Savorings Product, exp. 4-24-10
  • $0.50/1 Pop Secret Product, exp. 3-14-10
  • B1G1 Purina Beggin’ Product, exp. 3-28-10
  • $1/1 Purina Cat Chow or Kitten Chow, exp. 4-1-10
  • $1/1 Purina Fit & Trim Adult Dog Food, exp. 2-28-10
  • B3G1 Purina Pro Plan Cat Food, exp. 2-28-10
  • $5/1 Purina Pro Plan Cat or Dog Food, exp. 2-14-10
  • FREE Purina Pro Plan Cat or Dog Food, exp. 2-28-10
  • B2G1 Purina Pro Plan Dog Food Cans, exp. 2-28-10
  • $1/2 Red Baron Multi-Serve Pizza, exp. 4-11-10
  • $0.50/1 Reynolds Slow Cooker Liners, exp. 3-31-10
  • $0.75/1 Reynolds Wrap Foil, exp. 2-28-10
  • $0.40/2 Sargento Natural Shredded Cheese, exp. 4-30-10
  • $2/1 Sarna Original or Sensitive Anti-Itch Lotion, exp. 3-31-10
  • $0.75/1 Shop’n Save Chunky Soup Can, exp. 2-20-10
  • $0.50/1 Shop’n Save Saltine Crackers, exp. 2-20-10
  • $0.55/1 Smithfield Bacon, exp. 3-14-10
  • $1/1 Smithfield Marinated Pork or Tenderloin, exp. 3-14-10
  • $1/1 Snapple Tea or Juice Drink, exp. 3-14-10
  • $1/1 Softsoap Body Wash, exp. 2-20-10
  • $0.35/1 Softsoap Liquid Hand Soap, exp. 2-20-10
  • $0.50/1 Speed Stick or Lady’s Speed Stick Antiperspirant/Deodorant, exp. 2-20-10
  • $0.55/2 Sugardale Product, exp. 3-14-10
  • $0.75/1 Tabasco Family of Flavors Product, exp. 3-14-10
  • $1.50/1 Tena Overnight Pads, Underwear or Male Guards, exp. 4-30-10
  • $0.50/1 White Castle Microwaveable Hamburgers or Cheeseburgers, exp. 5-1-10
  • $2/1 Zantac Product, exp. 5-31-10
  • $5/2 Zantac Product, exp. 5-31-10

RedPlum (RP 1/31/10)

  • $1/1 Select Advil Products, exp. 4-30-10
  • $1/1 Advil PM, exp. 4-30-10
  • $2/1 Advil Product, exp. 4-30-10
  • $1/1 Alka-Seltzer Product, exp. 3-31-10
  • $0.50/1 All-You Magazine, exp. 2-28-10
  • $2/2 Blink Tears or GelTears Lubrication Eye Drops, exp. 4-2-10
  • FREE Canine Carry Outs Dog Snacks wyb any Meaty Bone Product, exp. 3-31-10
  • $1/1 Caress Body Wash, Bar Pack or Tahitian Renewal, exp. 2-28-10
  • $1/1 Caress Tahitian Renewal or Cashmere Luxury Body Wash, exp. 2-28-10
  • $1/3 Chapstick Classic Original, Cherry or Moisturizer, exp. 4-30-10
  • $1/1 Complete Blink-N-Clear Lens Drops or Blink Contacts Lubricant Eye Drops, exp. 4-2-10
  • $2/1 Complete Multi-Purpose Solution, exp. 4-2-10
  • $1/2 Dean’s Dip, exp. 3-31-10
  • $2/1 Degree Men or Women Clinical Protection Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant, exp. 2-28-10
  • $0.75/1 Degree Deodorant or Body Mist, exp. 2-28-10
  • $1/1 Dove Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant or Body Mist, exp. 2-28-10
  • $1/1 Dove Beauty Bar, exp. 2-28-10
  • $1.25/1 Dove Body Lotion or Hand Cream, exp. 2-28-10
  • $1.25/1 Dove Body Wash, exp. 2-28-10
  • $1/2 Dove Chocolate, exp. 3-14-10
  • $2/1 Dove Clinical Protection Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant, exp. 2-28-10
  • $1.50/1 Dove Cream Oil Body Lotion or Hand Cream, exp. 2-28-10
  • $2.50/2 Dove Hair Care Products, exp. 2-28-10
  • $1.75/1 Dove Men+Care Body and Face Bar, exp. 4-25-10
  • $1.25/1 Dove Men+Care Body Wash or Scrubber, exp. 4-25-10
  • $0.40/1 Frigo Cheese Heads String Cheese, exp. 4-30-10
  • $1/2 Hefty OneZip Bags, exp. 4-30-10
  • $0.50/1 Hefty Plates or Cups, exp. 3-31-10
  • $0.50/1 Hellmann’s Product, exp. 2-28-10
  • $1/2 Hillshire Farm Smoked Sausage, exp. 4-10-10
  • $0.75/1 Hot Pockets Sideshots, exp. 5-2-10
  • $0.60/2 I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Product, exp. 2-28-10
  • $5/1 Iams Premium Protection Cat Food, exp. 2-28-10
  • $3/1 Iams Premium Protection Dog Food, exp. 2-28-10
  • $1/1 Jimmy Dean Fully Cooked Sausage Product, exp. 4-11-10
  • $1/2 Jimmy Dean Sausage Roll Products, exp. 3-28-10
  • $0.75/1 Kellogg’s FiberPlus Chew Bars, exp. 3-28-10
  • $0.50/1 Knorr Recipe Mix Product, exp. 2-28-10
  • $1/3 Knorr Rice and Pasta Side Dish, exp. 2-28-10
  • $2/1 L’Oreal Healthy Look, Touch-on-Highlights or Colorist Secrets Haircolor Product, exp. 4-25-10
  • $1/1 L’Oreal Paris Cosmetics, exp. 4-25-10
  • $1/1 L’Oreal Skincare Product, exp. 4-25-10
  • $2/1 L’Oreal True Match or any L’Oreal Foundation Powder, Blush or Concealer, exp. 4-25-10
  • $0.50/1 Lever 2000 Bar Soap, exp. 2-28-10
  • $1/1 Lever 2000 Bar Soap, exp. 2-28-10
  • $0.75/2 Lipton Cup-a-Soup or Soup Secrets, exp. 2-28-10
  • $0.60/2 Lipton Recipe Secrets Product, exp. 2-28-10
  • $0.60/1 Lipton Tea Bags, exp. 2-28-10
  • $0.50/1 Lipton Tea Bags, To Go, or any Iced Tea Mix, exp. 2-28-10
  • $1/2 Mrs. T’s Pierogies, exp. 4-30-10
  • $0.50/2 Pringles Fat Free Cans, exp. 2-28-10
  • $0.50/1 Pringles Snack Stacks, Stix, Minis, Bold Bites, or To-Go Bites, exp. 2-28-10
  • $1/4 Pringles Super Stack Cans, exp. 2-28-10
  • $1/1 Promise Product, exp. 2-28-10
  • $0.30/1 Q-Tips Cotton Swabs Product, exp. 2-28-10
  • $1.25/3 Ragu Pasta Sauces, exp. 2-28-10
  • $0.40/1 Country Crock Spread, exp. 2-28-10
  • $0.40/1 Skippy Peanut Butter Product, exp. 2-28-10
  • $3/1 SLIMShots Liquid Portion Control, exp. 4-30-10
  • $0.75/1 Snuggle Fabric Softener, exp. 3-21-10
  • $1/2 Suave Body Lotion Product, exp. 2-28-10
  • $0.50/1 Suave Body Wash Product, exp. 2-28-10
  • $0.50/1 Suave Deodorant Product, exp. 2-28-10
  • $0.50/2 Suave Kids Shampoo or Conditioner Product, exp. 2-28-10
  • $0.50/2 Suave Professionals Shampoo or Conditioner Product, exp. 2-28-10
  • $0.50/2 Suave Styling Product, exp. 2-28-10
  • $0.50/1 Success Rice Product, exp. 3-31-10
  • $0.50/1 SuperPretzel Product, exp. 3-31-10
  • $1/1 ThermaCare Product, exp. 4-30-10
  • $1/1 Vaseline Lotion, exp. 2-28-10
  • $1/1 Wholly Guacamole or Salsa, exp. 3-31-10
  • $1/1 Wish-Bone Salad Spritzers Dressing, exp. 2-28-10
  • $1.25/2 Wish-Bone, Wish-Bone Western or Salad Spritzers Dressings, exp. 2-28-10
  • $2/1 Wisk Laundry Detergent, exp. 3-7-10

Please note that your coupons or coupon values may differ from those listed above as there are regional differences at times.

Special thanks to Deal Seeking Mom for putting this list together.

Solo Cups Only 50 Cents at Harris Teeter

Posted By: Elena on January 27, 2010 in Coupons, Harris Teeter - Comments: 1 Comment »

Solo cups are on sale at Harris Teeter 2/$4 this week. Use the .75 coupon from Sunday’s newspaper that doubles to $1.50 to get the bag for only 50 cents! Each bag has 30 cups in it.

Simplifying Your Life

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I am always trying to simplify my life….but I’m not too good at it just yet. I follow many blogs and one that gives great advice in this area is Zen Family Habits.

Today, Sherri wrote an article titled “43 Simple Ways to Simplify Your Life” which I thought was wonderful. I think it’s a great starting point for me or for anyone trying to live a more “simple life”.

Check it out and let me know what you think. Any tips on simplifying your life? I’d love to hear from you.

Walgreens Deals for the Week of January 24

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This week’s Walgreens deals are brought to you by Coupon Kim. Special thanks to Kim, for putting together a wonderful list!!!

Register Rewards Deals:

Buy 3 of the below products
$4 RR
7-Up, Canada Dry, A&W Rootbeer, Sunkist Orange 12 packs

Special K, Mini Wheats, or Raisin Bran Crunch Cereal 2/$5
$1 RR wyb 2
$1.50/2 printable
$1/2 RP 1/3
$1 Special K Blueberry Printable (no longer available for print)
Final: $3/2

Lowes Food’s InstaSave E-Offers Program

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I do most of my grocery shopping at Lowes Foods and Harris Teeter. When Lowes Foods switched over to the Fresh Rewards Program, they also added an electronic coupons program called InstaSave.

I LOVE this new program because you choose the coupons you want from a list provided on their site and download them to your Fresh Rewards card, making it easy to save money without clipping any coupons.

Here is a list of the current e-coupons on my card:

Item Limit Save
2 7 Up or Diet 7 Up 2-liters Limit 1 0.50
Litehouse Bleu Cheese Crumbles – 4oz Limit 99 1.00
Litehouse Caramel Dip -Original, Low Fat Limit 99 1.00
Litehouse Strawberry Glaze Limit 99 1.00
No Yolks Pasta Extra Broad /Dumplings-12oz Limit 5 0.75
Full Circle Organic Pizza Limit 1 1.00
Eagle Brand® Sweetened Condensed Milk Limit 4 1.00

If I purchase any of the above items while at Lowes, the amount of money listed in the “Save” column, will be deducted from my grocery bill just like a coupon would be. The only difference is the savings line on my receipt will read “InstaSave” and then the amount.

Once you have added all the e-coupons that you want, you can either print out the list to bring with you to the store, or you can have them email it to you. I usually have it emailed to me because this way, I always have the list with me on my mobile phone.

The e-coupons selected usually last about 1 month. At the beginning of each month, a new list of coupons is added to the InstaSave database and the old ones are deleted.

If you are not signed up for this program, you are missing out on extra savings. To sign up today click here.

If you have any questions about this program, or need help signing up for it, let me know.

CVS Deals for the Week of January 24

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This week’s CVS deals are brought to you by Coupon Kim. Thanks Kim!!!

3 Day Sale: Sunday through Tuesday ONLY

Scott Paper Towels Choose a Size Mega Roll 6-pk or Earth Essentials 8-pk $4.99
$1 SS 1/17 ; printable
Final: $3.99

Rimmel Cosmetics B1G1
$1 RP 12/13
$1/2 December & January All You Magazine

4 Bottles of Soft Scrub for $5: Walgreens Super Deal

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Today I stopped by Walgreens to buy some Soft Scrub as they had it on sale 2 for $5 for the 24 oz. bottles.

I subscribed to Soft Scrub’s newsletter this week and they allowed me to print a “Buy One Get One” Free (B1G1) coupon. I use Soft Scrub a lot so I tried to see if I could print a second one and it let me….sweet! So I knew going into Walgreens that I would be able to get 4 bottles for $5.

The deal got even sweeter when I saw they had some bottles that said “50% more for 24 oz price” making these bottles 36 oz. I wasn’t sure if these were part of the sale as the flyer specifically said “24 oz. or 25.4 oz. bottles”. I picked them up and brought them to the cashier for a price check. They rang up $2.50!

Original price of Soft Scrub 24 oz bottle: $4.19
“50 % more Free” Soft Scrub 36 oz bottle: $4.19
Sale price 2 for $5
Both bottles listed above qualify for the 2 for $5 sale

Your Action Plan:
Purchase 4 bottles of the 36 oz size soft scrub for $10
Use 2 B1G1 Free coupons -$5
Get all 4 bottles for $5

B1G1 Free coupons are GREAT and looking at the unit size is also very important in scoring big deals. If you had purchased these 4 bottles at their regular price of $4.19, you would’ve spent $16.76. With the above deal, you are saving $11.76!

There’s still time to do this deal, so sign up for the Soft Scrub Newsletter, print out your coupons and go get some cheap Soft Scrub at Walgreens today!

Note: This deal expires on January 23, 2010


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