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Print Your Coupons
The end of the month is just two days away. Print your coupons before they're gone. New coupons will be listed on November 1, 2010. I've printed some favorites and will hold them in hopes of a sale. Print this one out for some cheap sugar: Smartsource: Dixie Crystals Sugar $0.75/1 This will double to $1.50 at both Lowes Foods and Harris Teeter. The last time I had this coupon, ...
Kraft Shredded Cheese for $0.88 a Bag
I've told you before and I'll tell you again- I LOVE cheese! I don't think I go a day without eating some type of cheese. And usually I have 6-8 different types in my fridge at a time. Cheese is pretty pricey so anytime I can get a good deal on it, I stock up. This week there's a great deal going on at Lowe's Food stores. So here's the steal: All bags of shredded Kraft Cheese are on sal...
Harris Teeter Super Doubles!!
It's happening again! Harris Teeter is doing “Super Doubles” from November 3-9. With plenty of advanced notice, now's the time to gather all your high value coupons so that you are prepared next Wednesday. For those of you that are new to couponing, “Super Doubles” means that they will double any coupon up to $1.98. However, the upc barcode on the coupon must begin with a number ...
LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle
So my little "Harriet Potter" has been having a BLAST with the PS3 Lego Harry Potter game and as if that wasn't enough, my In-Laws got her the coolest Lego set around. It's the Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle! This isn't the ordinary "Lego" set that I grew up with. This Lego set has hinges and doors, flames on torches, stairs that swivel, and much, much more. It's AMAZING! My In-Laws had as...
Happy 5th Birthday, Emma!!!
My baby is turning 5 today. She is SOOO excited about this age, and the fact that the dentist told her 2 days ago that her two bottom teeth were loose. I keep telling her she's going to look like a jack-o-lantern but she doesn't seem to mind:) I received the Picaboo book in the mail yesterday and it's all wrapped up and ready for Emma to open up. It came out REALLY nice. Can't believe I...
Free Picaboo Photobook!
I just found out from My Baton Rouge Mommy that Picaboo is offering new customers a FREE large Classic book from October 15 to 25th by using code FALLBK. I'm a little behind on my photobooks these days, so I spent the day today working on Emma's birthday party from last year. I've always loved scrapbooking but can't seem to find the time lately. Making a photobook is similar to scrapbook...
How to Get 5 Packages of Cheese for $3.38
I LOVE cheese! I should have probably been born a mouse:) It's one of those foods that I can eat every single day and I never get tired of it. I was thrilled to get 5 packages of it at Harris Teeter for only $3.38 today. I picked up 4 bags of shredded cheese and 1 package of Cracker Barrel Cheddar slices. All of them were on sale. The shredded cheeses were on sale 2 for $4 and the...
Groupon: Top Deals for September 3
I LOVE Groupon! I purchased 3 different ones this year.  The first was for a 90-minute massage from Massage Envy for only $49 (Retails for $114).  The second one was for a Gap store certificate for $25 (Retails for $50) and the most recent one was for Papa Murphy's Pizza.  This one was only $8 and it retails for $20.  Someone's having pizza in the next couple days! Here's the list of th...
Vita Mix Blender – The Kitchen Appliance No Home Should Be Without
I've got to be honest with you. I hate infomercials. I also don't care much for sales Kiosks where fast-talking snake oil salesmen wearing headset microphones attempt to mesmerize you with their clever words and trivial knowledge. In fact, the Vita Mix blender Kiosk at our local Costco had been up and running for several months before we finally approached it during one of our latest visits. Prior...
Today Only: Get $50 Worth of Gap Apparel for ONLY $25
Groupon is having a wonderful deal today. You can get $50 worth of Gap Apparel (including sale items) for ONLY $25. This deal is valid at all the Gap Stores. Don't miss out- you can use this for back-to-school shopping or even for holiday gifts. The certificate is valid for use through November 19, 2010.

How To Get a Motorola Droid X for $144.99

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On Saturday Elena and I went to Verizon to purchase a Motorola Droid X to replace our aging Blackberry Curves. They sell for $199 after a $100 mail-in rebate which means you have to pony-up $299 plus tax – which is 7.5% in North Carolina making the total cost per phone $321.42 ($299 + $22.42). Yuck! That’s a lot of greenbacks.

So later that night I did what I do best and searched for the best deal I could find on the Internet. By mixing, matching, and combining offers I was able to get a brand new Motorola Droid X for $144.99. In addition, I stumbled across one of the best ways to buy new cellphones online.

Here’s How I Did It

1) Sign-up with Ebates

Ebates is a free online service that pays you cash back for purchases made at any of over 1,200 stores. There are no points to redeem, no forms to mail in, and no fees. So what’s the catch? None. As long as you log into their site and make your purchase through one of their partner stores they get paid a referral fee. To encourage you to do this they share that commission with you. Simple and cool if you ask me.

2) Search for Verizon

Once registered and logged-in, type Verizon in the search box that appears in the top right corner of the Ebates web page.

3) Select Verizon from Search Results

Select the Shop Now button corresponding to Verizon & Ebates Wireless Coupons & Cash Back.

4) Select Motorola Droid X

You are now taken to one of Ebates partner sites Wirefly. Select the Shop Now button corresponding to the Droid X by Motorola phone.

5) Motorola Droid X Purchase Screen

You should now be looking at a screen that not only shows the discounted rate for the Motorola Droid X phone ($179.99) but also the $35 Cash Back from Ebates you are entitled to if you make this purchase. From here you can add this and other phones to your cart, buy accessories and complete your order.


My husband was a bit nervous when he saw this deal online because he, nor I, had ever heard of WireFly. After a few minutes of browsing their site it quickly became evident that they were not some fly-by-night company. In fact it turns out that they are the Internet’s #1 authorized retailer of cell phones and wireless plans and it shows. Their site is fast, responsive and well thought out to address every need a user might have when purchasing a cell phone online.

For example, we wanted to keep our existing numbers and were concerned that the process would be complicated and that we might be better off going back to the Verizon store and letting them deal with it, but a quick search of Wirefly’s site revealed that their site can handle “number transfers” with ease. Just make sure you follow the process and let them know at the time of purchase that you intend to port your number. You can do this during the service selection phase of your purchase.

They offer Free FedEx shipping “both ways”. What does that mean? Essentially it allows you to try phones and networks out. If you are not satisfied you can send the phone back. That’s unheard of in the cell phone industry and one of those deal-changing service offerings that makes buying online a more compelling proposition. They also have real-time order tracking so you can see your phones’ progress as it works its way through their system.

In any event, we placed our order on Saturday @ 11:00PM and on Monday (2 days later) it had already shipped. That’s stunning considering the Verizon store had said it would take 7 days if I ordered through them.

Needless to say I am very excited about this new service and great find. If you are in the market to purchase a cell phone (any cell phone, even an iPhone) from any provider I highly recommend going to Wirefly through Ebates to get the best pricing. If you don’t have an account with Ebates you can get an additional $5 Ebates Cash Back if you sign up through the following link:

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