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Print Your Coupons
The end of the month is just two days away. Print your coupons before they're gone. New coupons will be listed on November 1, 2010. I've printed some favorites and will hold them in hopes of a sale. Print this one out for some cheap sugar: Smartsource: Dixie Crystals Sugar $0.75/1 This will double to $1.50 at both Lowes Foods and Harris Teeter. The last time I had this coupon, ...
Kraft Shredded Cheese for $0.88 a Bag
I've told you before and I'll tell you again- I LOVE cheese! I don't think I go a day without eating some type of cheese. And usually I have 6-8 different types in my fridge at a time. Cheese is pretty pricey so anytime I can get a good deal on it, I stock up. This week there's a great deal going on at Lowe's Food stores. So here's the steal: All bags of shredded Kraft Cheese are on sal...
Harris Teeter Super Doubles!!
It's happening again! Harris Teeter is doing “Super Doubles” from November 3-9. With plenty of advanced notice, now's the time to gather all your high value coupons so that you are prepared next Wednesday. For those of you that are new to couponing, “Super Doubles” means that they will double any coupon up to $1.98. However, the upc barcode on the coupon must begin with a number ...
LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle
So my little "Harriet Potter" has been having a BLAST with the PS3 Lego Harry Potter game and as if that wasn't enough, my In-Laws got her the coolest Lego set around. It's the Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle! This isn't the ordinary "Lego" set that I grew up with. This Lego set has hinges and doors, flames on torches, stairs that swivel, and much, much more. It's AMAZING! My In-Laws had as...
Happy 5th Birthday, Emma!!!
My baby is turning 5 today. She is SOOO excited about this age, and the fact that the dentist told her 2 days ago that her two bottom teeth were loose. I keep telling her she's going to look like a jack-o-lantern but she doesn't seem to mind:) I received the Picaboo book in the mail yesterday and it's all wrapped up and ready for Emma to open up. It came out REALLY nice. Can't believe I...
Free Picaboo Photobook!
I just found out from My Baton Rouge Mommy that Picaboo is offering new customers a FREE large Classic book from October 15 to 25th by using code FALLBK. I'm a little behind on my photobooks these days, so I spent the day today working on Emma's birthday party from last year. I've always loved scrapbooking but can't seem to find the time lately. Making a photobook is similar to scrapbook...
How to Get 5 Packages of Cheese for $3.38
I LOVE cheese! I should have probably been born a mouse:) It's one of those foods that I can eat every single day and I never get tired of it. I was thrilled to get 5 packages of it at Harris Teeter for only $3.38 today. I picked up 4 bags of shredded cheese and 1 package of Cracker Barrel Cheddar slices. All of them were on sale. The shredded cheeses were on sale 2 for $4 and the...
Groupon: Top Deals for September 3
I LOVE Groupon! I purchased 3 different ones this year.  The first was for a 90-minute massage from Massage Envy for only $49 (Retails for $114).  The second one was for a Gap store certificate for $25 (Retails for $50) and the most recent one was for Papa Murphy's Pizza.  This one was only $8 and it retails for $20.  Someone's having pizza in the next couple days! Here's the list of th...
Vita Mix Blender – The Kitchen Appliance No Home Should Be Without
I've got to be honest with you. I hate infomercials. I also don't care much for sales Kiosks where fast-talking snake oil salesmen wearing headset microphones attempt to mesmerize you with their clever words and trivial knowledge. In fact, the Vita Mix blender Kiosk at our local Costco had been up and running for several months before we finally approached it during one of our latest visits. Prior...
Today Only: Get $50 Worth of Gap Apparel for ONLY $25
Groupon is having a wonderful deal today. You can get $50 worth of Gap Apparel (including sale items) for ONLY $25. This deal is valid at all the Gap Stores. Don't miss out- you can use this for back-to-school shopping or even for holiday gifts. The certificate is valid for use through November 19, 2010.

Bisphenol A Free

Posted By: Elena on March 28, 2010 in BPA, Uncategorized, Ziploc - Comments: No Comments »

Did you know that Ziploc now makes “Bisphenol A Free” containers? I was so excited to find them this week at Harris Teeter.

I only use plastic containers for storing dried foods like cereal, coffee, flour and nuts. If I’m warming up food in the microwave, I always use my Pyrex glass containers. I’ve heard a lot of negative things about using plastics in the microwave, so I don’t ever use them in there. I’m very happy to see that a company that I love so much is making the switch over to Bisphenol A Free products. That is very important to me. I will definitely switch all my existing containers over to these new ones little by little.

The Ziploc containers I purchased this week were a steal!

Ziploc Containers- BPA Free on sale for $2.50 (normally $3.49)
Used a $0.75 coupon which tripled
Final Price = $0.25 for a set of 4

I’m not going to run out and replace them all at once because that would be very pricey. I’m going to keep my eyes peeled for great deals like the one above and little by little I’ll replace a couple different shapes and sizes. I LOVE Ziploc bags and can’t live without them but when it comes to containers, I really do prefer glass. However, a few of these BPA Free containers on hand, will be good to have.

Make sure to look for the “BPA Free” symbol when you are purchasing these containers in the future.

Coca Cola Ingredients

Posted By: Elena on March 22, 2010 in BPA, Coca-Cola, Ingredients - Comments: 3 Comments »

A couple months ago, I began the process of “can elimination” at our house. This was after reading all about the BPA lining in the cans. This is unhealthy for us and I don’t want to keep purchasing unhealthy items so cans are out except for canned tomatoes. The reason why I’m giving in to the canned tomatoes for now, is because I can’t seem to find them in jars. If a company starts putting them in jars, I will stop buying the cans. For now, I’m only buying the tomatoes, which is a big difference from where we began. I used to buy all kinds of veggies in cans- especially corn and green beans. I now buy them fresh or frozen. I have a couple cans left in my pantry, but once they are gone, I won’t be buying them again.

Well, soda cans are no different. I looked around for bottled Coca-Cola and could not find it at my local grocery store. I finally found it at Super Target. One small 6pk of 8oz. bottles was $4! Can you believe that? But, I bought them anyway, as we don’t drink too much soda and I really wanted to stop purchasing cans. A few days later, I went to Costco and while shopping, I saw that they were selling cases of the large 12oz. bottles. It didn’t have the price by them, but I decided to buy them anyway as the 12oz. bottles were a better size for us (comparable to the cans). It turns out that I paid $18.29 for the 24 bottles! Yikes!!

Let’s forget about the price for a minute and focus on the bottles. Every time I have a bottle of Coca-Cola vs. a can, I tell my husband how I enjoy the flavor from a bottle so much more. And finally, I realized why. This Saturday, we bought some pizza and when we have pizza, we HAVE to have Coca-Cola. I looked at the calories and realized my bottle of Coke had more calories than the can of Coke. I then went to the fridge and took out a can and compared the ingredients and nutrition label. I was floored when I saw that the Coca-Cola ingredients from a bottle were different than those in the can. The can has High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) where the bottle contains sugar! Below are pictures of them both. No wonder the bottled Coca-Cola tastes better.

I don’t know if this is the same for the small bottles that I bought originally at Target because I didn’t look at the ingredients assuming they were the same. These bottles from Costco actually say “Producto de Mexico” – Product of Mexico. And as I recall from visiting the Coke area in Epcot many moons ago, Coca-Cola makes different tasting sodas for different countries. So, this might be the case for these bottles only as they are imported from Mexico. I will have to check out the ones from Target the next time I go. This might also be the reason for the STEEP price of $18.29 for the case.

Although the price is outrageous, I will continue to buy the bottles from Mexico over the cans from the USA. Why? Because I would rather drink sugar than HFCS. In my opinion, it is healthier, it is natural and it tastes better. I know sugar is not good for me, but I prefer a natural “not good for me” product over an unnatural “not good for me” product. I am also happy to be eliminating cans and the BPA in their lining. Now I just wish I could get them for the same price as the cans:)

Toys R Us & Babies R Us Sale

Posted By: Elena on February 26, 2010 in Babies R Us, BPA, Toys R Us - Comments: 1 Comment »

Don’t miss Toys R Us and Babies R Us 3-Day “Rewards R Us” sale.

The item that caught my attention was the Born Free bottles.  They are on a “Buy One Get One 50% Off” sale. These bottles are BPA free!

BPA….Is it Safe?

Posted By: Elena on February 16, 2010 in BPA, EWG, NIEHS - Comments: 2 Comments »

What is bisphenol A?
Bisphenol A (BPA) is a chemical produced in large quantities for use primarily in the production of polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins.

According to “Metal food and beverage cans have a thin coating on the interior surface, which is essential to prevent corrosion of the can and contamination of food and beverages with dissolved metals (UK FSA, 2002). In addition, the coating helps to prevent canned foods from becoming tainted or spoiled by bacterial contamination. The major types of interior can coating are made from epoxy resins, which have achieved wide acceptance for use as protective coatings because of their exceptional combination of toughness, adhesion, formability and chemical resistance. Such coatings are essentially inert and have been used safely for over 40 years. In addition to protecting contents from spoilage, these coatings make it possible for food products to maintain their quality and taste, while extending shelf life.”

I have been eating green beans and corn out of cans for most of my life. I actually ENJOY them more than frozen or fresh because it’s the taste I grew up with and am familiar with. I know that might sound crazy but that’s how I’ve had them my entire life. However, I recently came across a very interesting study by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) that made me think twice about canned foods.

EWG’s tests found:

  • Of all foods tested, chicken soup, infant formula, and ravioli had BPA levels of highest concern. Just one to three servings of foods with these concentrations could expose a woman or child to BPA at levels that caused serious adverse effects in animal tests.
  • For 1 in 10 cans of all food tested, and 1 in 3 cans of infant formula, a single serving contained enough BPA to expose a woman or infant to BPA levels more than 200 times the government’s traditional safe level of exposure for industrial chemicals. The government typically mandates a 1,000- to 3,000-fold margin of safety between human exposures and levels found to harm lab animals, but these servings contained levels of BPA less than 5 times lower than doses that harmed lab animals.

Infant formula?  Are you serious?  How can this be allowed?  It’s crazy to think that so many parents are buying expensive formula for their children, thinking they are giving them something nutritious and they are all laced with high levels of BPA that can have adverse effects.  That’s just wrong.

At times we look the other way because it’s easier to do so. I can continue to buy canned foods because they are “easier”, “quicker” and “cheaper” than buying fresh or frozen food. I can also continue to buy it because that’s what I have had throughout my life and I seem to be pretty healthy. Or I can start to think about these things and try to change the ways of my past so that my daughter has a healthier life.

When I start to think about how BPA is affecting my health and the health of my family I realize that I have to eliminate canned foods altogether. If this chemical is put into the cans’ liner to “maintain their quality and taste, while extending shelf life”, how is it interacting with the food in the can? What is it doing to our bodies?

It seems like everyday we read about more and more cases of autism, leukemia, and all kinds of cancers affecting so many people. The more I read, the more I realize how I have to change SOOO many things about the way I shop for food, and the foods I expose my family to.

My daughter LOVES sweets. She would be happiest eating junk food all day long. However, as a parent, I need to make smart choices for her. I have to be the one to shop for fruits and veggies and healthy snacks so that she has “sweet” things to choose from that will keep her healthy.

I am reading a book called SuperFoods RX by Dr. Steven Pratt. On page 11 of this book it says, ” Most respectable scientists in the world today agree that at least 30 percent of all cancers are directly related to nutrition. Some would argue that the figure is as high as 70 percent.” That statement was a real eye opener for me.

I am very happy that I began my quest towards healthier, natural and organic foods for my family. I know in the long run, it will be one of the best things I ever did for our family.

I will finish of this post with some tips from The National Institute of Environmental Health Services (NIEHS) to help you and your family minimize and/or prevent exposure to BPA.

Some animal studies suggest that infants and children may be the most vulnerable to the effects of BPA. Parents and caregivers, can make the personal choice to reduce exposures of their infants and children to BPA:

  • Don’t microwave polycarbonate plastic food containers. Polycarbonate is strong and durable, but over time it may break down from over use at high temperatures.
  • Polycarbonate containers that contain BPA usually have a #7 on the bottom
  • Reduce your use of canned foods.
  • When possible, opt for glass, porcelain or stainless steel containers, particularly for hot food or liquids.
  • Use baby bottles that are BPA free.

What do you think about BPA? I’m interested in hearing your opinion.


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